Frequently Asked Questions

This really depends on many different factors. First, we set up an appointment for a free in-home consultation. The consultation takes approximately 15 minutes. During this time, the consultant will visit each room and explain the tasks that will be completed. Thereafter, we will promptly call you with an estimate, based on your home and service preferences.

No! We do not require you to sign anything.

Our teams will clean the sliding glass doors and the glass on your storm door (if applicable) during each visit, but we do not clean windows. If you desire a window cleaning service, we can certainly recommend a respectable company to you.

We stick to our specialty of "just plain good cleaning" of your home. Since we focus in only this area, we know you'll be impressed! We guarantee it, or we'll come back promptly to ensure the job is done to your total satisfaction!

We normally send out a team of two Cleaning Specialists. At least one of these specialists will be familiar with your home. Cleaning homes is much more difficult and tiresome than most people realize. It is not uncommon in this industry to have high turnover. However, we have been very successful in keeping our employees around.

Our Cleaning Specialists are carefully chosen during the hiring process. We conduct a thorough background and reference check on each prospective employee. Our employees are the backbone of the company and without them we would not have the success we enjoy. We offer our Cleaning Specialists above average hourly wages plus paid travel time, benefits, and hours to make working for our company very attractive.

Yes. Our employees are not independents or sub-contractors and are fully covered under our insurance. A copy of our bonding and liability insurance certificates are available upon request.

Normally we send out a team of two. However, there are times, due to scheduling, when we need to send a team of three.

No. If you are having a one-time cleaning, the hourly rate does change. However, the cost is the same. The team will just finish the home in less time.

Since we are a legitimate cleaning company, all of our employees are covered under our Workers' Compensation insurance. Almost all homeowner's insurance policies do not cover service workers that injure themselves in your home. Additional riders can be added to your policy by contacting your insurance agent. However, you do not need to incur the added expense of this rider in order to use our company.

We have been blessed with many long-time customers that are pleased with our service that they have offered to give references for us if needed. In fact, the majority of our business has been built by the referrals of our customers.

Yes, we bring everything needed to clean your home. If you prefer a particular product be used on your furniture that we do not normally use, we ask that you have that product available at the home for our use.

For the safety of our Cleaning Specialists and customers, we try to use as many all-natural products as possible. Most products are mixed by Clean Expressions. We use a mixture of a mild detergent and vinegar to wash floors, tubs and various other areas throughout your home. Our sterilizing cleaner is a mixture of rubbing alcohol, ammonia, and water. We are careful to spray furniture polish directly into the rag before using on the furniture. This helps reduce the "slick spots" on floors that furniture polish can sometimes leave, so you don't slip and fall. We use Kenmore canister sweepers to vacuum your carpets and rugs.

All customers are advised to contact Manager Nicole VanBalen with their concerns. Nicole can be contacted directly at (614) 804-0939 or

Many of our customers work during the day and enjoy coming home to a clean house after a long day. Most of our customers supply us with a key to their home or a code to enter through a garage. Your key is kept safely in a lock box when not being used by a team. A small percentage of our customers leave a key under a mat or leave a door open. We generally advise that our customers not do this for security reasons.

Rest assured that your key is accounted for when entering and exiting the key lock box. The lock box can be opened only by Owner Nancy Waldren, Manager Nicole VanBalen, or an authorized Team Supervisor.

If you will not be home while we're cleaning, we do ask that you introduce your pet(s) to our Cleaning Specialists on the first visit. Many of our customers also show our teams where the animal treats are located. Our employees are all animal-friendly and are used to working around your pet(s).

We understand that things happen and sometimes are beyond anyone's control. We do ask that you notify us as soon as possible, preferably 24 hours in advance. If we are not notified and a team is locked out, we do assess a lock-out charge.

Although our teams are very careful while cleaning your home, accidents do happen from time to time. Please contact us, and we will be glad to resolve the matter to your satisfaction.

We prefer to receive a personal check at the completion of the job. If you prefer, we will also mail or email an invoice to you which is due upon receipt.

Feel free to contact Nicole!